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Truth reels

As guys on our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys know I have for the last two years being working with a new reel manufacture in the US this being Release Reels the reason being I was somewhat taken with their add which stated Life time warranty and hand made in the USA.  In the early days it was my job to put these reels to a torture test which in the Florida Keys is very easy and with my test team of sharks all went very well and they pasted with flying colours so much so they are now my go to reel and the boat has four on at all times.  Recently they have had to change their name to Truth Reels rather than have my mish mash of words and as my English teacher once said after a poor exam  ” The problem with Rodney’s English is that he knows to many words none of which he can spell or put in the right place  ” I am coping some text from the new Owners Manual to explain all.



Their Story

Our founder and president, Wes Seigler , has been designing high performance products for the last 10 years. Once a former international professional cyclist, he retired and moved to his true passion of fishing.                                          In 2009, he began thinking about the fishing reel industry .  By listening to our customers’ ever-changing needs we began making innovative changes to our products. Our business is about giving our customers the best possible day on the water – be it with the grankids or in a $ 100,000 tournament. It’s all about the experience and having a great time.  Originally we operated as Release Reels with the goal to create reels that are among the lightest, strongest, and the most competitively priced in the industry and carries a lifetime warranty.   Another company in the marine industry legally challenged our Release Reel Trademark.  After reviewing the pros and cons of fighting this challenge, we quickly realized we wanted to grow to be much more than just a fishing reel company and our current space was cluttered with many other similar named brands.  So we took this opportunity and turned it into something that we felt truly represents not only who our founder is, but the philosophy of our company as well.  We changed our name to  Truth Reels  because it honestly seemed to fit.  Our word is our reputation.  We have a lifetime guarantee.  Every part is made in the USA.  We love what we do.  We love to fish.  100 % that’s the Truth.



So there it is from as they say from the horses mouth not mine.  To go along with the new name the SG has had a few minor tweaks such is the hands on approach of the company.   New Features  Strike button  :  Rod clamp : Crankarm assembly : improved AR system and bearing : Drag lever detent system.  To go along with a very impressive specification  Just  13.2 oz  : Gear ratio  6.1  :  34 in per crank  : Max drag Strike  18 lb  full  25 lb :  Capacity  375 50 lb braid  :  Ceramic spool bearings  :  Carbon drag washer.   Now they come in a very useful canvas bag so if you are looking for a new reel have a long look at this one we have had fish to near 400 lb on a SG and with its lifetime warranty not many reels come close.

I am supplying these reels to order at just  £ 269  they all come with full  UK  Lifetime Warranty so once you have paid your hard earned thats all you will ever have to pay now thats peace of mind.

Contact me at  01668 216173  or email