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Modeus Operandi

Or for all you non Romans out there  ” Method of Operation ” after 12 years of running Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys we are having to change a few things both being caused by other people one my maker and two my landlord.  Sorry about the lack of blogs we have been on the road/plane  trip back to the Keys and after a personal tough summer with health problems we decided to break the trip and tick the wife’s New York to do list.  In all fairness not as bad as I expected except Macy’s how can something which has had $ 100 taken off still be a BARGIN at $ 200 and yes the views on top of the Empire State building were amazing.



So whats new about our holidays well if you have been following this blog this year I have had not one but three heart attacks the good news all now under control just on heavy meds and no opp for at least a year bad news I have been banded from any heavy lifting.  Now regulars will know most days for me that as they say this is a given for me so we have decide to take on a young fully licensed Captain for all the heavy stuff and he will also be able to help with all the fishing stuff so a bit like having two of me on the boat so less waiting for rigs or fish taking off. Two other changes we after 7 years are having to give up our current property and might look at an other option of tailoring accommodation  to each guest, last year offered the up grade to a private villa with single rooms and a pool to a group and it went down rather well.  Like wise we have guests who I know would take non waterside cheaper accommodation and spend more on fishing at the moment it is just an idea please let me know by email what you think.



Some good news this is the time of year with the help of accountants we look at our pricing and again for the fourth year we are keeping the base price at  £ 125 a day for accommodation, fishing and free car hire but the guiding for which you now get two people goes up £ 5 an hour for the entire party however the now low-cost of fuel covers this rise.  The other slightly sad bit of news is that my wife who suffers with progressive MS is no longer up to doing breakfasts we will up grade the cooking in the flat to better self catering like Norway but have a deal with the local deli who will do a fully cooked meal for just £ 4 if you don’t want to cook.




I hope you all understand these changes and fingers crossed if I get the all clear we can carry on ticking boxes and making dreams come true for many a year