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Surfs up

Well Wes Seigler and the guys at Truth Reels in Virginia have done it again and have brought out a game changing star drag surf reel.  Not only will this reel kill on hard ground heavy beach fishing but I think will blow guys away uptiding as well.  Wes is a guy who looks at reels and just in-house in the USA makes them better and with a bit of help from yours truly tweaks them as well till he gets it right as he has done with the Surf  SM.  The first prototypes lacked a spool tensioner but the new one I got my hands on this week has one and it works very well.  In the next few days I will be getting one of to Sea Angler as I am sure they can put this beauty to some serious testing and have guys who can cast a lot better than me. Not sure about UK price I think it will be in the low threes but like all the Truth Reels I sell it comes with a full UK life time warranty and this reel will be very at home in boats as well as the beach so one reel does all.

truth surf


The reel has a signature bridgeless design allowing easy thumb control and big spool shoulders for guys who like to control the cast as well.  It has a fully floating spool on ceramic bearings and magnetic cast control with a mechanical spool tensioner as well so you can play at you hearts content.  The 4 carbon drag system works on the oversize main gear not on the drive shaft and gives a class leading 24 lbs of drag this gear is also at  6:1 so a very fast reel as well.  All this comes in at just over 16 oz and it will take a good 275 yards of 20 lb mono and of course a lot more braid if you prefer. So there you have a star drag done right and I know the next thing to come out of Wes’s amazing head is his take on the heavy fly reel and this one will BLOW you away.