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In at the deep end ( well 10 ft )

At last Simon and Rob have made it to the Florida Keys its been a long time planning but they are here on their first trip to our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys.  After last weeks battle with the weather gods it was more than I expected to have a first day go where ever you want deal so north we went deep into Florida bay to one of my big boy wrecks.  First is always fresh bait and Rob came up trumps with a fine about 5 lb mackerel bait not sure how he took that’s going down whole and the 22/0 hook was a bit of shock as well but that’s Keys wrecking.  The first bait went just yards from the boat and bang float down how scary is that but alas no fish on then for the next few hours all hell broke loose, bait on fish on and we went three from three about what I expect from the big ones.  We will never win with the giants and on theses wrecks there are fish to near 1000 lbs but we had two in the 250 to 350 range just jaw dropping power and from the look on my newbies just surreal fishing.






After beating them up on the grouper a more gentle approach to sharing a nice quiet nurse of about 80 lbs a fun fish but no arm breaker bit of a pain to get the hook out of but a nice starter.  The off to the next level with a 100 lb plus black tip and this one for once was well-behaved two massive jumps always cool to see a shark jump then just once round the boat and well over the rope and straight to the very safe leader hands of Capt Mike.  A few very good photos and hook out and back out to chase more mackerel as it should be, not sure when I will teach Mike the shark lift but it has to be done for that  ” you want me to have that on my lap ” look and photo.  So welcome to the Florida Keys and then some just love my office days like yesterday just make it all worth it and after my summer just glad to be still doing it.