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Last week

First some fantastic news after a long hard month looking we have found a new home and base for our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys.  Good news it is only two blocks away bad news it has not been lived in for three years and is going to need a lot of work but is the only one we have found.  It is water side and has enough room for people to stay but more and more people seem to want the upgrade to their own villa and a pool.  So from now on all guest accommodation will be as you want just let us know in good time and we will sort it out for you.  Back to last week well as I said a few blogs ago it was in at the deep end for Simon and Rob to tell people they will catch fish to near 500 lb in just 10 ft of water and the fight no battle will be nothing like they have ever done with a rod before.




We had one day offshore in search of dorado but some days it is a big empty ocean and after many hours of trolling we ended up on the tuna grounds and then from nowhere a school of near 20 lb dorado.  In seconds it was two on then just as quick two off the norm is to hold a fish in the water to keep the others at the boat but this did not go to plan and both fish were dropped sorry guys but that’s why they call it fishing not catching.  Then to add insult to injury we were trashed by monster amberjack hard on the bottom in 500 ft lost three unstoppable fish not the best day we have ever had so the cunning plan was a last day in the bay on our wrecks.  Well this went far more to plan the guys had been beat up with grouper so sharks were the plan and my toothy friends did us proud lots of hard fighting fish no monsters but in record temps and humidity fun all day action.  Even rounded of the week with a new species a palometa number 125 to the boat and number 39 for the week.


Good week guys and great fishing come back anytime both Capt Mike and myself enjoyed fishing with you and hope you enjoyed the fishing.