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Tough start again !

Not sure if it is what you think about when you book a Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys but this week not only have we been fighting the winds but the other day we had nearly 2 in of rain.  Sorry it’s not my fault and the Keys does have over 42 in per year nearly twice that of the UK does it affect the fishing not really its is just annoying have to take my guys to buy rain ware but as they say you have to do what you have to.  The good news while the weather gods have been giving us a hard time the plan B’s and plan C’s have been giving us plenty of sport and the two Steve’s  yes my two guys this week are both called Steve.  Jacks are so much fun and when you catch one each cast the smiles last a long time mix in a few small shark and you can have a perfect day.




mike 1

Winds not perfect yesterday but Capt Mike and I need to put some big fish on these guys but the tide was running with the wind so a wreck in the bay and an early start was the order of the day.  Yes it was plan A all the way yesterday a bit a pain to get the anchor right in strong winds and we had to use two but we got it right then big bait on that needed sight of a big balloon being taken down by a grouper at last big fish on !!   After two mid 100 lb fish to the boat and some very surprised anglers newcomers to our style of grouper fishing just cant belive what we have to do shark gate crashed the party.  Shark on grouper rods dont work so the only choice you have is to drop back from the wreck and enjoy the fish or move in the wind a move was not on so a drop back and break out the shark rods.  Irish Steve’s biggest fish before he came was just 16 lb cod so when he became attached to a near 400 lb bull shark a whole new game.  I have to say he handled it like seasoned pro but this fish was so big we had to throw the anchor and follow poor Steve was just shaking his head what an introduction to big game fishing beating your PB by a factor of over 20 times.





The other day the young and much better pair of eyes of Capt Mike made our something that was not right and we changed course to have a look.  Not what any one ever want to see or find in a rough and windy sea a nearly sunk sail boat.  No people in the sea and we stopped to call it in to Coastguard, love all the new tech stuff Capt Mike emailed then all the phots and they took down all the GPS details thanked us and told us to go on our way it could have been a lot worse.