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Offshore box ticked

Like most guys on their  Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys the two Steve,s came with a must catch list.  Now this is fine by me and Mike in fact we think its a very important part of our job here at Fish the Dream the only problem we have is the weather gods.  First part of the week was tough to say the least but as the week went on the winds were dying and on top of the guys list was dorado offshore so on the last but one day we rigged and tried but the swells were to bad so we had to come back.  So it was down to the last day which the wind  was looking the best so my cunning plan was an old school trip offshore.  In recent years we have gone down the locals route of a normal start look for dorado heading to the tuna grounds fish the afternoon bite then look for dorado on the way home.  Old school drag the guys out of bed at silly o’clock in the dark a 26 mile run in full dark to the tuna grounds fish tuna then you have all day to find dorado.


So off we went all the crew sleeping like babies more to come on that later not flat smooth but a doable run to get to the grounds at first light, rods in and tuna on !  Not massive fish but to see a trolling rod bend over and the drag scream what offshore is all about the bite was so on fire we only used two rods and we were the only boat there.  So with enough fish for us and a few for the shark next on the list was dorado so with eyes on the sky the search was on.  Some days the Atlantic ocean is a very empty sea and this day was one of those then after many hours of looking a small and broken weed line in about 500 ft to broken to troll so out went some live baits.  It’s hard to describe Irish Steve’s face but with a jumping yellow-green and blue dorado on lest just say happy does not even come close.



Looks like my choice of Capt Mike as my right hand man is way better than I ever expected.  Boating skills I never doubted and fishing skills lets just say he is a quick learning natural but what has surprised me is his people skills.  So now I have a boat man, camera man and to his list he has added entertainments officer so when the guy,s asked a few questions about Key West Mike said  ” if you want to go I can take you and show you around ”  Well lets just say it was the reason the guys slept so well on the way out top marks yet again Capt Mike so even heart attacks have a good side.