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Rupert’ week part one

Well at last after many years of trying I have managed to get one of my best friends from the north of England Rupert Dury to have his first Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys.  Over the years I have had some fantastic trips on Rupert’s boat in the North Sea having my first porbeagle shark about 250 lbs, my personal best tope a stunning 63 lbs, bass on live baits. crash diving pollock on lance and a whole host of other fish.  Despite my long  ” sorry Rupert ” stories about the Florida Keys he was not for coming over then last year he said  ” I think for my 50 th I need to come to see you and the Keys ” so game and pressure on.  Well after doing the holidays for 12 years blowing him away was never going to be a problem if the weather gods were on our side so the nearer his week came more than a close eye on the weather and rats it was not looking good.  This session has been up and down one day flat calm then near 30 mph and Rupert’s week started with winds over 20 mph every day but as they say when its tough the tough get going.





So the first few day hiding behind bridges and banks but with our first cold front I had high hopes of our first run of mackerel and all the big boys who chase them.  In all fairness the boys were having the time of there lives and Rupert is on of those guys who likes to make it even harder with the fly rod so game on bendy fly rod as well and the other guys were having a ball with light spinning rods.  Some days I feel sorry for all you guys who love lure fishing in the UK when the likes of our jack crevalle are on fire it is a fish a cast and the sight of a shoal of fish chasing down your lure and then one nailing it will live with you a long time.  Well after for me a very long three days we were at last able to hit a bay wreck.





Now those of you who know wreck fishing even more so in the Florida Keys if you want our monster grouper you have to get the anchor right and with still a strong wind our first trip it was not going to happen.  With wind against tide it was even worse but what saved my bacon was the biggest mess of jacks I have found for many years and yes the first of our winter mackerel.  On Rupert’ wish list were two fish a large shark of course and a large grouper now when you have a massive shoals of jacks and mackerel the big boys are not far behind.  So out went the shark rods and to my relief yes a big shark on, a near 400 lb bull for Rupert and yes we took a lot of crevalle but all were on ice and with the winds dropping and bait box filled the next day just the other box to tick for Rupert.