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Rupert’s week part two

Every once in a while we have one of those special days and if you are on your first Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys I kind of think it will remain in a very happy place for a very long time.  Well on Rupert’s last but one day we all had one of those days as I said in the last blog the pressure for me was very much on to pay back Rupert for all the many great days and fish I have had on his boat in the north of England.  Very much on the top of his tick list was one of our goliath groupers and the bigger the better yes we catch a lot but so many things have to be right and a massive dose of lady luck has to be thrown is as well.  So with a far from perfect wind day off to our top wreck we went on days of strong wind you only get one tide fishing even in just 12 ft of water if it is wind against tide it just does not happen.  Not sure if it was first or second cast but Giles was soon being well beat up but a strong fish who was taking him round the boat and it was a long time and many hard runs before we all even had a look and then wow a very large African pompano.  A stunning fish which looks like it has had a session in the chrome platters and in the bay has stunning streamers which make it look like a rooster fish and it is even a fantastic table fish so dinner taken care of as well.





Now on to the major part of the day whist we still had the tide out with the big rod and it was soon fish on but we lost the first two not even with our gear and Rupert on the rod in all fairness some of the grouper on this wreck will be near 1000 lbs yes 1000 lbs and they go any where they want.  The third big fish on Rupert gave it his all and yes we won a fish well over 400 lbs to the boat loads of OMG’s and for me all the weeks pressure off and smiles all round.  Giles was heard to say  ” well that looks like a sack of potatoes ” so now it was time to put the hurt on him as well.  It was so funny when the hook took hold we so nearly lost Giles rod and reel over the side the force the fish slammed him against the side of the boat was awesome and have a look at the photo the fish is just saying  ” what sack of suds am I ? ” Rupert’s luck was riding so high he even had a bull shark again of over 400 lb on a trace with no wire just a very lucky hook hold on mono.





Nick was moving his ledger rod when out of nowhere two keeper cobia gave chase of the bait and right by the side of the boat his bait was taken and the normal I don’t want to come out of the sea battle started Nick won so diiner was now going to be a mixed grill just how good does it get.  With Mathew joining the party and few blacktip shark and stunning big mackerel, african for all and even one on the fly for Rupert the day was leaving a fixed smile on all and the biggest one on me.


So there you have one of those weeks that make what I do very special a massive thanks to Capt Mike who after my heath problem has made all this possible and has even added tech support to his long list of titles.  It was also his duty as Fish the Dreams entertainments office to show the guys round Key West on the last day not sure what went on but guess they all slept like babies on the way home.  Kind of think teal Pelagic will be back again stunning week guys.