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The sunshine state ?

I always feel so sorry for guys who have bad weather on their Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys but it does happen but our last guests of 2015  Michael, Jim, Philip and Frank I think had our wettest trip ever in over 12 years of doing holidays.  It is often a shock to be told the Florida Keys has over 42 in of rain a year twice that of London and poor Philip’s party had over 7 in for their week and one day due to a massive amount of lightning our first and only no fish day of the year.  Maybe there was a reason ” the curse of the banana ”  yes on the first day Capt Mike screamed from our small cabin  ” who the hell brought bananas ” very much not welcome on any boat in the Keys I have even been told of old Capt’s even coming back and canceling a trip.  On the first day poor Capt Mike was having one of those days when it was not all going to plan so into the cabin and all the bananas over the side to get the curse away.  The one joke I always make about the rain if you are a fish it is always a wet day and when we got to our marks even in the rain the fishing was on fire.  One joke Capt Mike is making now he is settling in is to ask the weight of each guest then he is on a mission to catch them a fish bigger than they are and most trips he is doing this with ease.




mikes crew




We see fish over 300 lbs every week so get used to it but like in the case of Jim who’s biggest fish before he came was a salmon of about 10 lbs the first sight of a fish which has abused him like he has never known then way bigger than himself comes as bit of a surprise to say the least see photo !  With the now massive shoals of mackerel its often hard to get guys of the bait grounds again see photo but with the mackerel shoals come the shark and top of the guys fun list was our blacktip hard fighting and a proper shark. Fish of the week was a double figure jack what a fight and on a light spinning rod it was an age before we even saw the fish and played like a true pro.  Well the curse even stayed to the last day my beloved hand built custom spinning rod went over side with its top of the range titanium anti tangle guides it was also the most expensive rod on the boat.  As the say shit happens its not the first rod and reel we have lost and it will not be the last but so many hours went in to making that rod that I have used all over the world even taking a near 30 lb cod in Norway GRRRR !  So guys hope you had a good time and you are all welcome back but Capt Mike will be doing a full body and cavity search for bananas before your next trip !!!!!!!!!!!