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Review of the year part one B. F. H

Well in running our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys now for over 12 years  2015 has been one of the toughest years ever nothing to do with the fishing which has been of the charts and seems to get better every years but on a personal level.  This year as many of you already know I have had not one but three heart attacks but the good news all now under control with medication and will see about a heart opp in the middle of next year.  I have been more than lucky to find and get the help of Capt Mike Sovay who has become my right hand  (  and arm and leg  )  man and is settling in to far better than I could have ever hoped doing all I can no longer do with ease thanks.  So back to the review of the year part one B. F. H  (  before heart attacks )  stunning start to the year the wrecks in the bay alive with cobia and for the first year a mass of African pompano which were taking everything from small jigs to lures and live baits and more than once has us thinking what the hell is that till we could see the large silver sides as the give away.  Also at the start of the year far more bigger sharks than ever before and big over 400 lb bulls in the bay and around the bridges having to throw the anchor and chase many times.  Big kings around the wrecks as well their first run just goes on and on and of course our friends the goliath grouper stopping a near 500 lb fish getting back to cover a feat done by many anglers.






It is always fun waiting for the first tarpon which as normal came in March this year the first of the new tarpon regs and all fish over 40 in having to stay in the water so no more slime on the lap photos but that is what the boffins say. Over the years we have taken hundreds of photos but this year one very cool one of a tarpon in full flight a first and I have never seen one like it.  Also with the tarpon but a bit later the permit spawn and yet an other fantastic take of fish one of the hardest fighting fish that take just feet from the surface then on the first run straight down to over 100 ft deep and often more than once.  Also a good run of near 30 lb permit on new wrecks in the bay this can be true sight casting as good as it gets.







Along with the normal mix of other fish taking up to 50 species during a weeks fishing holiday a start to the year as good as we have ever had with no idea of what was going to come !!