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Review of the year part two A. H. A.

First a massive Happy New Year to all our past present and future customers at Fish the Dream Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys.  Why A. H. A well for all of you out there it stands for after heart attacks of which during the summer of 2015 I had not one but three and each time dodged the grime reaper this old sea dog was not going down with out a fight.  There was a time lying in the cardiac unit connected to god knows how many monitors that 2016 seemed a long way off and my fishing the dream even a longer way off.  However the good news ticker under control with a mix of meds and a long list of no goes and not to do’s but mainly due the help of Capt Mike the holidays are going from strength to strength.  So back on the boat strange that is less than a year I can no longer even do the anchor or ever leader a big one and even I will not say no to Mike and under orders from my wife he is now my keeper, well at least for the next year.  Great to see Lolly and Richard back this autumn these two in my opinion certainly have got it so right not good weather but they both just love catching fish which to me is all it is about.





The one thing the second half of the year had special was the amount of big african pompano way more than in past years and just an other fish to enjoy on the gulf wrecks looking more like rooster fish than pompano with all there streamers.  Ever year we get more wrecks to fish in the gulf and they all have our favorite O. M. G fish the goliath grouper its only a matter of time and I am sure we will get one of the granders  1000 lbs  back to the boat I am more than sure there are some down there.  Not sure why but we have just one wreck that always has a good stock of very large barracuda which seem to think they are marlin with some of the biggest jumps you will ever see and along with some very large jacks way more fun than you should ever have with a spinning rod.






So my highs of the year number one with out a doubt finding Capt Mike he has just fitted in so well way more than my expectations and all of my crews have said the same, well done and the deepest thanks from Helen my wife and me.  Also a high was the week with friend and local fishing buddy from the north of England Rupert Dury and friends after all my trips on his boat and all my Florida stories the pressure was on but the Keys lived up to their name as the Sport Fishing Capital of the World.  Boxes were ticked even the bull shark came to say high on just mono traces and I lost count of the words of amazement as yet an other monster came to the boat and screaming reels just screaming job done.


We have a very special opportunity this year we have had a single angler drop out of a holiday  4 th Feb to 10 th Feb as we have taken payments we can offer this trip at a very low price.  I am often asked about single places but never have any so just get in touch and we can talk, a stunning time of the year not to hot and fish everywhere.

IMG_0439 (1)


So new years resolution well after my  ” Annus Horribilus ” 2015 just to see in 2017 will do for me !