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Mac attack

Well as we start an other year of Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys there were many dark days and nights when I was in main cardiac unit rigged up to god knows how many heart monitors thinking that my personal fish the dream was over.  However thanks to a stunning Scottish heart unit and team I am, with a list of not to do’s and 5 million health insurance and the stirling help of Capt Mike who I still cant thank enough go to go for 2016.  The start of the year is such a special time in the Florida Keys one of my personal best times ok we dont have the 100 lb  plus tarpon but if you like your rod bent and the sound of a screaming drag we have more than enough toothy critters to do just that.  Top of my favorite winter fish are all the mackerel from the fish a cast Spanish and Cero to the  ” will the run ever end I am running out of line ” King Mackerel.




mikes crew

During the winter months of course we have our run of seasonal sailfish nearly as iconic as our tarpon a site that will live with you for ever the first jump then the please dont get off stage to the sight of a lighted up fish by the boat and the colours are just amazing.  Then the money shot of you holding your first sailfish and many many years of bragging rights go on bore people you have earned it.  With all the mackerel in the bay the shark are on fire all over the place and it was at this time of year we sett our shark to the boat record some 63 fish for 4 fishermen they could have had more but could hardly talk let alone fish.



So grime reaper you missed me last year its going to take a lot more than three heart attacks to put this old sea dog down I have far to many people’s dreams to make come true and boy do I love it.