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Still ticking boxes

Sorry, sorry for the lack of blogs lets just say the new house has been a bit of a challenge but at last we are seeing the light so to speak the problem in the Florida Keys years ago when you wanted so more room you or your friends just added an other room taking power and water as needed and lets say permits and codes were not high on any lists. The down side is that when it goes wrong unless you are the guy who did the work you have no idea on how to put right any problems as we have been having so on Tuesday we have contractors coming in and starting again from source.  Less of my problems and back to the big question how is it fishing ? well despite one of our toughest starts to a year we are still ticking boxes with some stunning fish.





The one thing I love about our Capt Mike is how well he is fitting in and whilst some days my heart meds make me very low it is more than compensated by the highs of Capt Mike but last week even he had a reality check.  Capt Mike likes to ask our new guests as he did with Dylan, Bruce and Brian  ” what is you biggest fish ever  ”  and then he says  “no problem we can do way better than that ”  however this was not the case last week.  The reply from our new boys was  500 lb , 600 lb and near 800 lb they were a seasoned marlin crew which even makes our goliath grouper seem small. However they all had a desire to tick a few boxes grouper and bull shark being two and so for Capt Mike and myself it was game on and the Florida Keys did not disappoint.



brian 2

brian 3

I always say you can tell true fishermen and this was very much the case with Dylan’s party yes the weather did not play ball ever day and when it is not perfect you can only catch what is there but hell have fun and enjoy as the saying goes a less than perfect day’s fishing beats any day working.  Over the 12 years of doing Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys people often ask have you seen any changes and the answer is yes the water is not as clear as it used to be, we have fish we never used to have and yes despite global warming it is a lot colder in winter.  Does this affect the fishing well no the fish just adapt and some of the new ones are fun take the large puffer fish they pull more than you think and as they also say it’s all about having fun with a rod in your hand.