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So it’s all his fault

So when your best friend at primary school say  ” hey want to catch some fish after school ” and with nothing better to do I was taken by Martin Arnold to a road run off ditch near his home where by just tying worms to cotton on and with hazel sticks and letting sticklebacks swallow the worm we caught fish.  So started some 54 years ago my love, no passion, OK wife my obsession with fishing yes lately I have had some sett backs but having my best friend Martin back out in the Keys has got the blood flowing again.  What I have always liked about fishing with Martin it’s so much more than the fishing, the silly and I mean silly jokes and the flash backs to our many and some times crazy past fishing adventures but most of all its just his joy of catching fish.  They don’t have to be monsters or do massive jumps or searing runs as long as they take the bait and pull the string its OK by Martin yes the weather was more than trying for his recent last trip but with long time customer Brian Ironman did we all fun you bet !





Our new Capt Mike was more than impressed with Brian’s angling ability it makes a change when you have a guy who is more than capably and willing to do the death roll under the anchor to save a fish what Capt Mike did not know over the years Brian has done this many times and I hope he will come back and do many more.  Found a new mark close in while taking shelter from the strong winds the joy of the Florida Keys and had fun with smooth puffer fish even had one taking bites out of a pelican.  Always good to find new  ” shelter marks ” must break a habit and try them on good days we might be missing out and as they say you never know till you go.




Highlight of Martin and Brian’s week had to be Brian’s epic battle with a 100 lb plus lemon shark on a very light spinning rod this was a classic case of elephants eat pea nuts or rugby plays like prawns but with light hands and Brian’s fishing ability this was only going to end one way and fish to the boat a joy to watch.  So an other week with old buddy and fishing mate and enough fishing good mojo to keep this old and partly broken guy in a good place for an other year thanks Martin see you soon.