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SKA Comes to town

Whilst my main job is providing amazing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys in the last two years i have had a little diversion.

On linking up with Snowbee UK who now sponsor our boat i asked them if they would like any help with US sales of their stunning range of Deep Blue boat rods. Based on the standard UK rod Snowbee now have four US style rods two standard and two Kingfish specials. The kingfish is a very special over here and even has its own tournament trail.

 With the SKA [ southern kingfish association ] fishing rounds all year in the southern states. As a fighting fish very little comes close to the first run of a 50lb + king. We have been lucky at Fish the Dream and had quite a few big kings, the take on a kite bait is awesome.

I was lucky to link up Snowbee with top SKA professional Capt Ron Mitchell and his team Bandit [ yes they make enough to do it full time ]. Under his guidence  the Kingfish Special rod was born and after wining the Pompano round of the tour with a 53lb fish and prize money to nearly $30 k Ron was asked if he wanted any changes. His reply “no just get me 10 more ASP”.

Ron and Team Bandit are in Key West next weekend with his 31ft Invincible powered by 3 yes 3 300hp motors and yes i hope to get a ride. Hope its not to rough nothing and i mean nothing stops these boats. If you want to check out the SKA go to