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My Jersey Boys

As most of you might know personally its been a tough year for me on the health front.  After a very good and healthy 62 years on this planet the last two have been very much making up for it.  Whilst the three hearts attacks out of nowhere meant I very much had to change my life style I could still carry on nearly as normal.  However now with major problems to my immune system resulting in me being unable to fly any long haul we had some major changes to do with our  Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys.  I have to say its going way better than we had hoped and with local Captain Drew at the helm the stunning fishing of the Keys keeps on going and even getting better mixing Drew’s over 10 experience with our 14 years of marks and methods.





Yes its been tough looking at all the photos of happy smiling anglers and all their fish the blue sky and my beloved boat all over 4000 miles away.  None more so than the smiling faces of one of my top crews  The Jersey Boys,  Rob Shipley has been coming from nearly the start and was not sure if this was his  12 th  or  13 th trip.  Over the years Rob and his crew have brought many a smile to my face and in my opinion just does the fishing thing so right.  Have a target fish but if the weather or conditions don’t allow plan  ” A  ”  go to plan  ” B ”  or even ” C  ”  most of all just fish and enjoy what you can when you can.  One of my regrets with my current health problems is all the days I could have gone fishing and did not go take heed.




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So this year’s target fish was Permit so a long time ago dates were picked and plans made not sure how it happened maybe having to take up to  12  tablets a day but ended up with a few days over lap with the next party so ended up having to put Rob on a friends boat for a few days.  This paid off big time and with the weather gods on his side I thinks its ok to say Rob and his friends well and truly smashed the permit and a great personal tarpon to round his trip off.  One thing is for sure if I ever needed a reason to get well and back to the Keys its to fish with Rob and the Jersey boys again thanks.