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Quality time

Its nice and satisfying when one of our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys is more than just about fishing.  This recently happened when regular  Andrew  Kretzschmar came over for a holiday.  This time it was to be some serious farther and son time and I have to say looking at the photos I am more than jealous.  My darling wife first presented me with two gorgeous daughters and being very much a hunting, shooting fishing man even  though I did take them fishing it was hard work.  So when our third child was born and it was a boy I had high hopes same problem try as I did and all my friends saying  ” dont force him give him time ” but alas not to be and with his passion of football and golf just not to be.  However I do now have two grandsons and yes I have taken them fishing and I have taken my granddaughter and guess what they love it so its jumped a generation.  Back to Andrew and son Max some cracking fish for the week and a great last tarpon day just what the doctor ordered.

IMG_2760 (1)





What was also special about Andrews week was much appreciated thank you email with all that’s going wrong in my life its good to know its going well in Florida.  Capt Drew is working out far better than I ever hope yes he is doing things a bit different to me but with my current problems and being to ill to fly I am more than greatful.  I am sure he will not mind but I will post his email

Hi Rodney

Just to let you know we had a fantastic time, memories for a life time.Drew was incredible, really impressive – you need to hang on to him.The last day topped an wonderful trip, hooking 3 tarpon and landing 1 of them!All the best and wishing you well again.



Super big smile this side of the pond but during tarpon time my heart  (  with all its problems ) is still  4000 miles away in the Florida Keys