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SKA Day one

Wow if there on thing the Americans do right its the big event and this was amazing. Big boats big horsepower and big fish helped but the rest of the event was so good. This is a biggest fish event and with over $30k to the winner a lot to fish for.


  Nearly 70 boats left early Saturday there is a Le Mans type start at 7am and all boats must be back in at the dock at 4pm.

I arrived early to soak in the event and get a good spot at the weigh in. The public come and by the end it was very busy we all watched a boat come in at 2.30 he had a big fish and wanted to be first on the scales. Ounces can make a big difference of thousandsof dollars teams even plug the gaff hole and have special cool bags for the fish. Well he did have a big fish 54lb and it stayed on the top off the leader board all day. Lots of fish in the 40s and you needed a good 40 to get on the leader-board.

Not such a good start for the Snowbee boat despite going out nearly 90 miles. Lost two very big fish, but as Capt Ron said that’s fishing tomorrows an other day. He still loves the Deep Blue rods and the Snowbee new pliers have been stole by another team who will not give them back, recommendation or what. Back to day two see the day 2 weigh in and those boats just blows me away.

As i have said before the Florida Keys have good stocks of big Kings so if you want to try you luck give me a ring or email. Sorry i only have two motors but it has not stopped us catching so very 40+ Kings.