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The time has come the Walrus said

It is with a regret that after running Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys for nearly 20 years I have been forced to call it a day.  After my three minor heart attacks in 2015 I was left with a damaged heart and my last detailed scan has shown I now need open heart surgery to replace the main artery and valve.  Not sure when but it will be soon and then quite a long rehab however its common place and I could be back to near 100 % fit again way better than I have been for the last three years. Common sense says I can not give the attention to detailed needed to run the holidays even with help in the US so its better to completely stand down. It does mean and again it makes sense to sell the website which has been on the first page of a Google search for Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys for over 10 years and I have been told worth a lot of money.  My boat is not included in the deal as it need some much-needed  TLC  which I think will be the perfect medicine after my opp.  However what I am willing to include is my little black book of GPS numbers which has taken also nearly 20 years to fill.  At the moment its nearly  450  marks and many of which are my secret marks found by fishing, map work and satellite observation.  I am also willing to help any one with my years of experience and I know there is a good opportunely for any one if they put the effort in.  Please get in touch by email or call any day up to 9 pm on  01668 216173.  Thanks to everyone over the years it was my job to put a smile on your face and boy did you put a smile on mine.