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SKA Day two

WOW if i thought day one was special day two was of the chart. Arrived early at weigh in and already boats waiting, this  means big fish any loss from gaff hole can mean big money. Well first fish on scales 60lb normally this would win a SKA round not today. Next was Snowbees sponsored boat and Capt Ron weighing in a solid 40lb good points for the season. Then the big one

 fishing buddy of Ron hitting the dock with a 67lb monster.

In running rounds at Key West this was a record, just look at the smiles of the crew. Big fish smiles and the $30k helps as well and it wasn’t with out incident. After hitting the bait long 100yd + run then nothing, the fish was coming back to the boat at full speed. The next 30 mins full on then the poor gaff man. I know its hard when i have to gaff a big fish but a event winning fish.

Nice to see the lady anglers doing well they have their own event and a very good fish 46lb came to the scales. On our fishing holidays they always do well and it occured to me why. They do what i tell them not their own thing take note guys.

Can not give enough praise to the SKA an amazing event. Just the right amount of everything, food drink stands and crowds. It seems only in America and the Florida Keys the general public get involed in somthing like this. Spent a lot of time talking to the public about king fish wahoo and fishing the Keys. Also nice to see the scientists there all the big fish were aged and internal organs taken. Asked how old the big 67lb might be and the guys said maybe 25years + still nice to see this all going on.

Going to be doing an article on Snowbees Deep Blue rods with Capt Ron for a top Florida mag will keep you all posted and i still have a days fish booked on Rons boat. My trip this time did not happen as Ron fell and was late getting down to Key West