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The “A” Team

As Hannibal said in the TV show i love it when a plan comes together and we had one that did. We are having a low key week and trying out some new spots and methords. Despite fishing here for over 12 years still finding new marks and methords the fun of the Florida Keys.

This deep water mark was given to me by a diver better than any fish finder. Still amazes me these guy free dive to over 100ft then spear fish not for me. Back to the mark he was diving for grouper and snapper in an area of steep drop offs and ledges, when he noticed lots of king mackerel. Back on the surface he took the numbers and passed them on. We dropped the pick well up-tide and started chumming and dripping oil. Also a new method of chunking. Chunking is a top way to get all fish to the boat dropping small pieces of fish into the tide but it must be little and often. I thought maybe if we froze a 2 gallon block of pieces in water as they defrosted they would drop at a good rate. Well they did just right no mess and no shouting keep the chunks going. We had a live bait at about 20ft and a suspended bait at about 60ft then the wait. The first two takes took us by surprise both rods going at the same time. Long hard runs not many fish run as hard as kings one lost mid fight but one back to the boat. The next ones we were a bit more ready for, one in the boat any the other one a nice tuna. Chunking is very good for tuna cant wait to try out our new method on the tuna grounds.

Back out today to a new deep water wreck 260ft should be some big amberjacks and maybe some mutton snapper.