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Dive spot ?????????

Still after running the fishing holidays for over 7 years I smile when a guest gets a big and I mean big fish. The other day was no exception, Carol and Paul are on their second trip but decided to come on there own to have total control, no problem. My local diver friends gave me a mark that they free dive in 20ft. It is one of the largest coral heads in Hawks channel come up from 40ft to 20ft. It is a good fishing mark and a top spot for blue runner live baits for big macks and sails. The other day it was a bit quiet so as I often do down went a big bait. The men in grey coats [ shark ] can often do this. In seconds I mean seconds float under and all hell broke out. While Carol is strong and a good angler i had to hold on otherwise it was going to be over the side for her. Then a long and dogged fight no long runs but this fish did not want to come up even though it was only 20ft no sight of fish.

The fight was more like a Goliath grouper and this is where John lost a big one last summer. Then a bit of colour and then the O MY GOD we need a bigger boat. Well in 12+ years I have seen some big bull shark but this was maybe the biggest. Based on lenght my estimate was 400lb + a monster and a lady angler with a bit of help and double teaming. Just goes to show in the Florida Keys there are some truly huge fish everywhere.

Back to blog title this is a DIVE SPOT  for the locals, who always tell me you can tell when a shark is not happy by the fins. Well this shark was not happy and as to diving here NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!