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Lucky grouper

One trip last week I took Carol and Paul to an area in Florida bay know as the bomb holes. During the second world war a long runway was built at Marathon and many bomber crews were trained here. The crews would fly out to the middle of the bay drop one bomb then as it is less then 10ft deep use the first as the target. Some of these sites have still not full recovered and make top fishing marks with patches of clear ground and drop offs.

While Carol was having fun with the mackerel and blue fish Paul decide to sit it out with a live bait. Then unhappy live bait then bang a grouper on and the first job to stop it getting back to its hole. Well Paul had this one beat and a fine red grouper to the boat. Now I love eating fish and red grouper is top table fare large creamy white flakes but this fish was slipped back in.

Why well we are in an other grouper ban. Last year it was decided that the gag grouper was declining in certain areas. So the best course was a total grouper ban during the spawn. This will last till may and to make it easy to police its all grouper in all the areas of concern. Brain dead law they call it fish for them if you want but they all go back till may when size limits and bag limits come in force.

Its so nice to be in a fishery with fast and active control. If it needs help do it before it becomes a problem and I had a good feed of mackerel thanks to Carol.