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He who snoozes looses

Sorry the tarpon and permit week as posted on last blog has gone. As I said these fish get under your skin, as a game fish they have the lot.  Big 150lb + jump and run like you cant believe and hard to bring to the boat. I remember when I started fish for them years ago my guide said put it like this if you are the best tarpon angler in the world you will loose 4 out of 5 and he was right. But when you get your first 100lb + to the boat nothing is better. Seeing my old pal Jim Whippy holding on of Johns best fish brought back the memory of one of the biggest fish we have ever had on board.

After many years we have perfected a method of getting big and this one was 400lb + Goliath grouper to the boat. It involves the Whippy walk and works as you can see. As a lot of people seem to want to catch a fish bigger than themselves this one fits the bill. Two facts on the Goliath one this is not big, they go to over 1000lb and this one was caught in less than 10 YES 10 ft of water.

A fishing holiday in the Florida Keys can certainly make your dreams come true.