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Very rare offer

This could be just the tonic for a single guy who has always dreamed of big tarpon and permit but has never be able to convince his friends. I know what seems a good idea down the pub or on a charter boat does seem harder to put pass her indoors or the boss. So when one of my friends had at short notice had to pull out of an exploring week the other two said why don’t we blog for a single guy to keep the costs down.

The tarpon will be big and the big permit are on spawn and weather permitting a trip to my favorite sushi mark will be on as well. The week is 4th may to 11th this is a low key trip and even though we have been doing fishing holidays for 7 years its still nice to explore new marks. The fishing does change over here talking to a local guide who is finding permit where they haven’t been for 10 years. The local saying is you don’t know till you go, very true.

The cost will be lower than our normal rate best to email me and I will make contact Pack some sun block and don’t just dream come and fish the dream.