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Dental check up

My UK dentist Bill family and friends have been here all week lots to blog about. Yesterday we were going to the tuna grounds but bad weather 30 miles offshore meant a slight change of plans. So we decided to troll for dorado, this was on the tick box, and any thing else that came along. Less than 10 miles offshore the seas changed to very rough, but fish-able in our boat, weedy and a 3 degree rise in temp yes we were in the gulf stream. We even found a gulf stream monitoring device will try to find out more. There was to much weed to troll so we drifted with the stream. Birds and bait everywhere but I think the main problem was the depth of the stream we could see weed very deep and the fish I think were deep as well. So when its like this back to match the hatch with the catch. Free lining cut bait and plenty of loose feed was started, I chose to jig as with the coloured line you can quickly find the depth of the fish. Bang I was straight on too a fish a bit of a disappointment as it was a king mackerel and we were all hoping for tuna. Then I saw three big dorado follow a bait coming back to the boat but they would not take. Shortly after Steve who was free lining had the first Dorado, box ticked.

It was crazy fishy out there but I still think it was such a big area and very deep not like a normal weed line the fish were just scattered everywhere and not easy to find. Well we were lucky and Chris had the next one. At the start of there fishing holiday they had said they had both wanted to catch dordao and they both did job done.

In all fairness I have caught many dorado over the years in the Florida Keys but the colours and fight still amaze me and your first expererince will live with you for a long time.