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Busman holidy

Bill my dentist was over last week and despite coming over 4000 miles to the warm and the sun of the Florida Keys his fascination with teeth was still there. Some of the sharpest fish teeth in sea are the king mackerel ones. On the day in the gulf stream while unhooking the one I caught the slightest brush resulted in a deep cut. I did this to show everyone on board how not to do it and how sharp the teeth were. I don’t think.

The teeth on king mackerel completely mesh when the jaws close. This is so the fish can do maximum damage on the first bite and come back to finish the job on the second strike. When fishing live baits we now tie a stinger hook [ small treble] on a short 5in piece of wire as well. Its probably 50 50 the fish caught on main hook or the stinger meaning we now catch 50% more king mackerel.

After being bounced around on the gulf steam we came back to the sheltered waters on the reef and Bill want to catch a king as well so I sett him up. The kite is a good way but will no wind a shallow float will also do. With a live bait on the float was sent back in the tide a long way. The kings like to circle the boat then dart in ambush style. Bill sat with rod in hand, you can just leave the rod in a holder, the take is very brutal and its normally fish on. This was the case on this trip FISH ON despite Bills son trying to sabotage with his braid we got the fish to the boat job done again. The next day the fish went into our smoker and with a new very successful preparation was top tucker.