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The three kings

Its a funny old game someone once said this could not be truer about running fishing holidays. Rob Shipley and his crew are here on there annual trip to the Florida Keys. This year they have come a bit later to target our spring fish tarpon, dorado ect and maybe get some serious sun. Well weather fantastic high 70s and wall to wall sun and one fish ticked of box dorado in fact on the first day they had 17 species. During our planning meeting [ breakfast Helens famous Florida Keys fry ] Rob said he fancied a go at some kings. Well on our first day while catching bait mackerel and ladyfish the shark rod went off. I always have this out when we are getting bait the main reason if there are to many shark bait can be hard to get and we need to move, the other reason it would be rude not to. The fight was good but not sharky, then a bright flash of silver a big king. A nice fish a shade over 20lb a shame to be out gunned on a shark rod my first king on a shark rod in over 12 years fishing in the Florida Keys, but well done Nigel.

Yesterday at the planning meeting a day in Florida Bay was the decision. Shark, wrecking and just all round rod bending was the order of the day. First stop bait, mackerel hard to get but a vast amount of ballyhoo a top king bait so load up the bait wells and of to the mad shark mark. On the way we go past a wreck so a change of plans and we do a bit of wrecking. Hard to get a good anchor set as wind over tide but we give it ago anyway. All baits down and Rob takes the king rod down goes a live ballyhoo on the famous stinger rig a proven killer. Then bang fish on as I have said before the take and first run like hooking a car on the motorway from the side. Well this puppy was going to make us work. First long run went round a pot marker and we all thought it was going to end in tears as Rob was about to be spooled. Mark anchor and follow big time well managed to get line off pot marker and Rob did a good job and after some time I lifted a 30lb king into the boat.

For some reason Rob put the king rod down again and as the bait hit the water off we go again. An even bigger fish some people just like pain this one bottom out my 30lb bogas so 35lb was my estimate. Just like the buses wait for one then two come togther, nice touch from Rob on the way back he said that was the best days fishing in a long fishing career he has every had my job done.