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Ton up Tarpon

I normally say main tarpon season April, May and June but Rob and his party wanted to have a look so alarms set for 4.30 and off we went. Well we were the only boat on 7 mile bridge so maybe we were a few weeks out but you don’t know till you go so out go the crabs. Nothing straight away but we kept running the baits back then Chris said my floats moving sideways. Strike strike I shouted and tarpon on but one high jump and off don’t you just love to hate these oversize herring. Tide started to drop and it was getting light so we did a few drifts with the boat. The tide changed so as it was light we went to a permit mark I have as these fish feed more in daylight than tarpon. Pick down and crabs out again running the baits down the side of the flat then from nowhere Chis was on again. This looked a looked a good fish then right out of the water a massive tarpon jumps no permit but this will do big time. Then throw the anchor and follow this was going to be a long one. Well it was 1hr 15mins but we won and fish to the boat a stunning fish and what a start to our tarpon season. This fish had a massive girth and after the calculations came in at 164lb first tarpon for Chis and on he will remember for a long time.

Long day as we went out into the Atlantic for an afternoon session and had an other 25lb + king mackerel, sharks over 100lb, grouper and a nice mixed bag. Back to the house a bit early but we have had a 12 hr day and the alarms are sett for 4.30. Did I say these fish get under your skin.