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Wrecking fun

In my opinion if you lose the fun of catching small fish you have lost a part of the fun of fishing. A day on one of our Florida Bay wrecks showed what this was about. We had plenty of sporty shark snapper and grouper but it is great fun to put down a small bait and just see what is also down there. This normally the bait rod as blue runners are top kite bait and this day the kite was fish very well. Even tried to video a kite hit as the black tip were on fire but not quick enough always seemed to be rigging at the wrong moment.

Chris had a hell of a fight on the bait rod and after some time up came a Florida Pompano. A scrapper on light tackle and as it says in my fish book under food value reputed to be the best and acording to Rob and the boys they are right.

Next strange fish on the bait rod a Lookdown strange indeed. Very thin and looks like it has just come out of the chrome plate rs tank. One wonders why but the local answer is the more shine and reflection on the fish the harder the predators job is. It is also nice to take a bit of a time out a few small fish and get ready for the next big one.