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Double ton

Last morning for Rob and his party was a cracker as they say somewhere. First tarpon to young Matthew what a fight a few jumps by the bridge then off into the Atlantic. Matthew told us all I think he is nearly done but the fish had other ideas.  A long drawn out fight began and now with deeper water up to 30ft this fish was not giving in. At maybe just over 100lb these smaller fish can have a lot of fight and this one did. I touched the leader many times but on one last run under the boat the main touched the boat and game over. Back to the bridge and very soon tarpon on and back into the Atlantic. This was also a smaller fish but not as bad as the first one and we were able to land and measure it but my camera crew let me down. This fish was 111lb about the weight of the first nice to see a different year class. People ask how do we get the weight and it is down to the guys at the Bonefish and Tarpon trust. Thy run a very good website which has a tarpon weight calculator just put in the length and girth and they do the rest. This is not the normal formula but one worked out over many years just for tarpon with real fish so very accurate. What a fishing holiday Rob and his crew had this year they caught 41 species and if you add in the 6 I caught that makes a total 47 well done. Again this shows we can do it all from the dorado 20 miles off-sore to the reef wrecks and flats, the complete Florida Keys experience.

Photo this blog a famous Florida Keys sunset not from Key West but our fishing base looking into Florida Bay, and Matthew your big bull shark well may be next year. Rob and his king mackerel and Chis after losing a big tarpon in Gambia to get  a 164lb one I think I made a few dreams com true.