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Jane’s tarpon

Well last day in the Florida Keys for Jane and Richard up early and at them. Arriving at 5am at 7 mile tarpon and a big one were on the shopping list. So when we found no current and as they say no run no fun we went to a near by bank to sit out the slack. We put the baits in as there is always a chance and some times the fish don’t read the rule book. After a few minutes Jane’s float went down, pheromones again or what. Then fish on and this puppy was big but no jump and as there was no bridge to worry about I let Jane fight this from an anchored boat. The advantage of crab baits for tarpon is no toothy critters and the only by catch is permit so I called a permit. Skip right again and after a very hard fight a trophy 25lb pemit was in the boat no match for Jane. We jumped a tarpon and missed a few bites and as it was getting light went to get some jacks for sharking later.

Well guess who had the first jack and the biggest yes dear Jane is this getting spooky or what. Then just to prove all the rules wrong Richard hooked a very large tarpon. It was just a joy to watch Richard fight this fish his slow smooth style from carp fish just the right way to fight a 100lb+ tarpon. This fish was a good tarpon did a few jumps in full sun a joy to watch and a run away from all the hassle of the bridge. Soon a very large tarpon was by the boat and leader touched job done and an other one ticked on Richards list.

The rest of the day in somewhat windy conditions was going to be a shark hunt. Despite trying many different marks and lots of small sharks we were pestered by huge nurse shark 100lb+ but a pain and a bag of poo. Well we all know what you will have to do Richard just join the long list of people who come back for an other fishing holiday. A last day with a trophy permit, 100lb+ tarpon, and jacks to 10lb not to shabby look forwards to seeing you both again.