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The wish list

This wish list thing is getting very spooky. The Bromley boys are back, Graham, Dave, John and Steve are here for there annual fishing holiday in the Florida Keys. After getting them in there private flat the first thoughts  lets catch an other big grouper and after coming here for many years some new species would be cool as well. Its a good job I don’t let pressure get to me game on. I am a very lucky guy and have caught many big and small fish all over the world and now just get as big a kick ticking someone wish list. First day just a go into Florida Bay a bit to much wind for the Atlantic ended up on new grouper mark and yes they upset me with lots of big keeper grouper that all had to go back. Then Dave saidthis a new one on us, this is the magic of the Florida Keys you can come for many trips and still catch new fish. Well this little beauty was a hog snapper and a keeper and is on top of my wife’s eating list. All the rest of the crew said that’s Dave just sucking up to Helen for a bigger breakfast.


Fish in the cooler we went to the mad shark mark for some light tackle fun and the surreal moment of the trip on day one. John was doing a fantastic job on a lemon shark about 80 to 90lb then the water went dark under the shark a big splash and swirl and lemon gone scary or what. All on board were gobsmacked what the hell just takes a 80lb fish. Well the answer is a BIG and I mean Bigger fisha 1000lb + tiger who wanted and easy meal or a big hammerhead. There is no rule for deep water and big fish in doing fishing holidays for 8 years now our biggest fish a hammerhead 1000 to 1200lb was caught in just 10 YES 10 ft. Second day was a trip to the goliath grouper wreck and Steve managed a near 200lb fish. Notice the circle hook neatly in the corner and it is a 22/o to givesome size of the fish and that’s me giving a  100lb lift as well and only the head out.

Just before we left we were stopped by a Everglades Park ranger in his patrol boat. What a nice guy check all out licences, fish  and safty gear. Just doing his job and keeping the fish stocks the best in the world, the Bromley boys said if only this happened in the UK.