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The tale of two sharks

This blog is about two sharks one good and one bad. It starts the other day in Florida Bay and like many days in the bay we tend to end up on the mad shark mark. Long 100yd + runs jumps and not getting beat up tend to tick a lot of boxes which is why wego there and not being an exact mark no problem with other boats. This day not a good tide run so a little slow for here so a big rod and bait was put out just in case a big shark was putting off the smaller ones. Well we were right, the take of a big shark is different to the smaller ones a slower take and fish on. Young Dave as we all call him was on big time and seemed to be in control, an age thing, so no need to follow. As I say a this stage the first hour is the worse and the first hour came and wen,t gain some line and lose some line the joys of fishing in the Florida Keys. The fish even came to boat to let us all see it and touch the leader and yes it was a big hammerhead about 450lbs nice. On touching leader the shark as is often the case went away again. Graham jumped in to give young Dave a bit of a brake and as I had touched the leader the fish was caught so well done Dave. Shortly after the fish was by the boat for release these fish are just so amazing with the hammer head and long dorsal fins well done Graham as well.

The next shark was the bad one, this story starts on a tarpon morning. We all arrived at the 7 mile bridge at 4.30 am and all was going well. Graham had the first fish on and it was text book throw the anchor back down between the bridge piers on the old bridge spin the boat before the new bridge a few big jumps then out in to the Atlantic to enjoy the fight. Well some one had to say it isn’t this where the big shark are and if by que the water erupted. This just so mind blowing its hard to put in words a 100lb+ fish is just destroyed on the top of the water and in seconds it all back to calm but fish gone Graham was gutted he was doing so well. This happens every year and can be a big problem as once these monster shark over 1000lb get an easy meal they don’t want to leave the area, one has to live in hope.