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The tale of two sharks part two

They tell us that shark numbers are on the way down this might be a global thing but here in the Florida Keys the numbers are very high some days to high unless you like shark fishing. The last day for the Bromley boys funnily enough it was can we go back to the AJ wreck for a start as I say the anglers control what we do so off into the Atlantic we went again. On getting to the wreck we all realised that we should not be here, big seas 5 to 7 ft waves and the odd 8ft one the boat is ok  but when fighting big fish you need two hands on the rod so it was challenging to say the least but we were here so lets have a couple of drifts. Well the fish were still there and soon it was fish on and trying to jam your body somewhere to fight the fish. Then Graham shouts I just cant stop this one and his fish was heading down big style, then a change of fight and he started to gain line. Then the fish was by the boat well just the 13lb head, a 40lb to 50lb fish had just been sharked so what shark bites a 50lb fish off well a big one.

It was to rough to stay and once the men in grey coats have arrived its time to go so head the boat north through the 7 mile bridge and a nice smooth spot to finish the fishing holiday. On Daves wish list was a king mackerel so out went a live blue runner on the kite but the chum slick meant for the macs will bring in the shark as well. Big explosion on the surface and fish on Dave was running out of line and the first run was over 300yds so throw the anchor and follow. Long drawn out fight in fact 59 mins and over 1.5 miles from the hook up and a nice near 200lb lemon shark by the boat well done Dave or is it sharky Dave.

So its bye bye to Graham, Dave, John and Steve for an other year as my wife pointed out they have come every year since the start of Fish the Dream fishing holidays in the Florida Keys and have booked for 2012, so we must be doing something right.