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PB or what

Its great so see Kevin and Dave back they were here only 5 months ago some people just cant get enough I am only to pleased to oblige. This time Kevin has brought his son Chris to what all this fuss is about. Chris is apparently what you would call a casual fisherman and when they told me his PB was only about 1.5 lbs it was game on but 1.5lbs in the Florida Keys that would be to small for some of our baits. They arrived early and found me cleaning the boat for there official start the next day but persuaded me a dirty boat in the bay fishing was a better option. Well I pride myself on my clean boat but they won and we all found ourselves on a general mark catching snapper and mixed fish and Chris breaking his PB on nearly every fish. Enough I cried big bait in lets do this the proper way and half a mackerel went in on the shark rod you should have seen poor Chris worried or what. Well the float went under in a nice slow way so time to explain it all to an apprehensive Chris then fish on and a somewhat gently fight. Now I knew this was a nurse shark a bag of s****  to hardcore anglers but just what the doctor would order for someones first shark. When the fish was by the boat it was O MY GOD from poor Chris and when I said would you like it on your lap for a photo the poor guy was wondering if he had done the right thing coming on a fishing holiday with his dad. Well fish in and a silly photo but on he will remember for a long time. PB well and truly smashed from 1.5lb to near 150lb on his first day just wait till we get him to the goliath grouper wreck.

We were running out of daylight so back to the dock and on the way home a Chamber of Commerce sunset in fact I stopped the boat for the green flash, has anyone seen this mythical green flash.

Back at the dock all the talk was about the amberjack of last week and any chance of dorado and what about some tuna. Seems this blog is a doubled sided sword good but it comes back to haunt me but I say BRING IT ON.