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Dorado please ?

It seems that everyone who comes on a fishing holiday with us reads the blog about the wish list and thinks I can tick the box well I think I do pretty well but they call it fishing not catching. This day dawned flat calm seas and on Kevins wish list was dorado it is still a bit early in the season but boats were catching but the Atlantic is a big ocean and some days a very empty one. At the planning meeting, Helens Florida Fry, it was also said on the way can we have a go at those amberjack as well. We decided to put Chris on a jigging rod as this with a spinning reel is more balanced to a novice fisherman, Kevin was going down with a live bait and Dave was jigging as well. What a difference a few days make flat calm seas would they still be there. Well they were from 120ft to the bottom at 200ft wall to wall amberjack first on was Chris with a loud WHOOOOOO the reef donkey was taking him on a ride. He managed a nice one in the 20s and Dave had a nice one as well. Kevin was having a little harder time on the bottom for such big fish they have soft mouths and with the long hard runs many come off. At last Kevin had the big one in the boat near 50lb a cracking fish well done. It was getting very hot and with no wind wrecking was taking it out of all of us big time so trolling for the elusive dorado was the next plan.

It is a big place but we were lucky to find a small piece of wood in about 700ft as we were heading to the tuna humps for the afternoon bite and it was game on with some schoolies what fun, jumps runs and the colours are just amazing. Take three nice eating size fish and put the rest back. If you have the time Google up life of the dorado they only live 2 to 3 years grow to 40lbs in 12 months and breed at 12 weeks old mad or what.

Well all getting to hot and no tuna and dinner on ice so back home for a cold shower and and even colder beer box ticked yet again, now there talking about a 100lb grouper for young Chris why do I do this to myself.