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A VERY VERY Special day

Well my friend Lee Jasper emailed me saying this wish list might become a stick to hit me with and I think he could be right. On arriving Kevin said on his wish list could his son catch a 100lb + grouper. On our first trip to the goliath wreck it was shark city we smashed the boat shark PB and got through a box at $48 of grouper hooks but no big grouper to the boat. Sorry this blog is out of order but you will realise why at the end. So at our planning meeting for the last day the wish list had an empty box under 100lb grouper so of to the wreck once more. After going nearly 20 miles it sucks to find a boat on your chosen mark so with heavy hearts we dropped anchor half a mile away and decided to catch some grouper bait and watch the other boat. Luck was on our side and after about 2 hrs the other boat left so game on. After a couple of drops we had the perfect anckor set and baits down, yes the shark were still here but Chris started off with a 120lb + hammerhead the smile says it all.

Then Dave started us all of with a nice 50lb + fish, this is small for this wreck but it meant two things the grouper were on the feed and we were in the right spot. Then the box was ticked and young Chris had a 150lb+ grouper a fishing holiday at Fish the Dream had delivered again.

Then it was Kevins turn on the big rod despite a small bait only about 4lb, I have used baits up to 18lb, he had a big and I mean BIG fish on it took two of us on the rod but we got it out of the wreck and to the boat. A near 400lb fish the only problem with very big fish its hard to judge the size by the boat so I said how about going in and swimming with the fish for some amazing photos and Kevin jumped in. Well the resulting photos show just how amazing these fish are and all this is happening in just 10ft water.

You know what its like when you have reach a point that you think cant be bettered well this day just got better. Chris high on adrenaline after his dads fish wanted a bigger one but we were running out of tide and bait so a small 2lb bait was sent down to the wreck and what happened seems like a dream this morning. Well before the wreck a slow bite and thinking it was another shark we sett the drag and let the circle hook do the rest. The water erupted and a near 7ft Tarpon jumped clean out of the water we were all speechless just the magic of the Florida Keys. Despite being on the 80lb grouper rod this huge tarpon put up an amazing fight long hard runs a big jumps WOW. At last the fish was by the boat this was one big puppy the biggest tarpon I have seen in over 13 years fishing in the Keys. We were able to get accurate measurement and using the calculator at the bonefish and tarpon trust this fish came out at 209lb YES 209lb. This young lad came here with a PB of 1.5lb and has left with a catch list many men spend all there lives trying to get. You will all have to wait for the photos of this fish as they are on a card I cannot read so Dave will email them to me, me thinks they will be back and young Chris will smile for ever more.