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The wreck please

It still amazes me how certain fish get under the skin of anglers on our fishing holidays. In the Florida Keys one of these fish is the amberjack and in the case of Dave and Kevin they have caught it bad. On their penultimate day the weather was fine and the whole sea was open for business but the order was put in the deep wreck please so off we went. On his first drop part timer Chris again showed us all beginers luck and a hard fighting tuna was landed.

This one was a little tunny not the best eating tuna but still doing what all tuna do that is not to give up and fight like crazy, well done again young Chris. Kevin stayed on the bottom rod with live bait and yes the reef donkeys were still there so game on. These fish are serious puppies and its easy to see why they wanted to go back to the wreck.

 After a good beating up and many nice fish to the boat it was getting very hot so a change. The question was asked are there permit on the slightly shallower wrecks so with the phrase if you don’t go you wont know off we went and some nice 28mph air conditioning on the way. These wrecks were made when the old 7 mile bridge was taken down at the old turntable to allow boats to pass and the wreckage was dumped in 100ft some 8 miles into the Atlantic. This is a top fishing mark and where nearly all the local permit come to spawn so an anglers magnet. Well try as we might no permit but guess what young Chris woke us all up with a stunning 24lb cobia. This is one off the top eating fish in the Keys and we all dined with style that night. Well done Chis again or have I said that before for a part timer who had a PB of 1.5lb he has shown us all how to do it or is it just the magic of fishing.