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Not all plain sailing

Firstly sorry for the lack of blogs two of my good friends are back and 3 am starts and 12 hour fishing days leave us old guys wrecked but a nice wrecked. Back to the party last week newcomers to Fish the Dream had a very hard week. I must say how impressed I was the way they all stuck to the task despite some trying weather. They must have know it was going to be doomed from the start. They missed a flight connection in New York due to an unannounced gate change to find the next flight full and when they got to Fort Lauderdale missed the last flight to Key West. So bite the bullet and pay for a very long taxi ride, o and the bags had been lost as well. So you can imagine how they felt when mother nature put her bit in and gave us high winds as well. Their wish list was a simple one they just wanted to catch a big fish no problem but when things are going bad they just don’t seem to get any easier. Not being able to get on the Atlantic or any of our good wrecks did not help but we all kept trying for that big one. We had many a nice mixed bag on banks and cuts including some acrobatic needle fish and on one day lost 4 big fish I suppose that’s why they call it fishing not catching.

On their last day we all decided just to go for it and tough it out on our goliath wreck on arriving yes the seas were big one person was not very well so gave him a shark to fight and he felt better and I was confident about the big one. Well when we say big we were not wanting what happened next the goliath rod went on something VERY and I mean VERY big. This fish dragged two full grown men under full drag down the boat and slammed us into the transom before departing. I have had fish to near 500lb from this wreck and this was a lot bigger and just left everyone speechless. Well at last it did start to go right a nice 120lb fish for Dave and a near 200lb for Tonys son at last the boxes ticked. The fishing stayed hot all day with plenty of hard fighting shark in fact we lost count after your flight and bad weather you all deserved it.