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Ticking boxes

Regulars Alan and Tim Keating were here last week and despite coming twice a year for many years now have never done a spring trip. So with a lot more different species around it was a different wish list. Top of Alans list was a big tarpon unfortunately they had come at a poor time for the tides as you need a good run at dawn to be certain of fish at 7 mile bridge. First morning Alan hook a big permit and all was going well till the men in grey coats nailed the permit. Second morning a good 100lb + fish for Alan and all was going well away from the bridge and all going well then a big jump and spit hook. I do tell anglers that if you have caught 1000+ tarpon you will still lose 4 out of 5 fish but it still sucks. Next morning on the tarpon all going well big tarpon on for Alan and fish out from the bridges and into the calm waters of the bay. Then an express run over 100yds then the water erupted then nothing yes shark attack again. Guess Alan will just have to come back again to tick that one.

Tim has still to catch a dorado and asked could he catch a different grouper well this one was going to be a bit easier. A calm day dawned so offshore we went and yes we stopped at the wreck see next blog. Trolling or dragging I have to say is not my favorite way to fish but when it is over 100 in the sun it sometimes is the only thing to do. After a short time we found some weed and a few feeding birds and I said this looks fishy and bang a rod went off. Tim did a fine job and a stunning dorado was by the boat and by feeding chunks we kept them and caught a few more keeping just 2 for eating. I decide to take Tim to our new grouper mark for a red as he has never had one and yes they were there but as Alan said grouper just don’t do fair and Time lost a few. But top marks to Tim he stuck it out and one very lucky grouper the last day of the ban was boated.