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Blacktip or Spinner

Here in the Florida Keys we are blessed with many fine game fish and these are two fine shark that tick all the boxes. Yes they are two different species one the blacktip Carcharhinus limbatus and the spinner Carcharhinus brevipinna. Very similar shark and both VERY hard fighting fish long 100yd + runs lots of jumps and both a pain at the boat. Boat PB for going under the anchor rope 19 times and the angler said if I had gone past the fish knives one more time I was going to cut the line. I was shown some years ago how to hold these fish and when after a long hard fight my guide said do you want a photo of this fish on your lap I thought he was crayz but if you hold them in the first gill slit they freeze. On Alan and Tim’s last fishing holiday we had one windy day and these fish saved the day Alan had one spinner well over 100lb near 150lb and Tim a blacktip near 100lb long runs and Alan’s spinner jump so many times we thought it was on a audtion for sea world.

See if you can spot the difference between the two fish it is mainly in the anal fin areas but very hard to spot. The one thing these fish do is fight fair, no running to the rocks and very little wants to eat them during the fight. I say that but some years ago during a fight of a 50lb + blacktip a big and I MEAN big tiger picked up the fish but let go. This is just one stunning place to fish and all this happens in less than 10ft of water.