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Tarpon smiles

Firstly Henry Gilbey is back here again and this time he has brought some serious lure anglers to let me see what can be done on those little red rods and the beating one took on a 80+ shark yesterday left me cold awesome. To find out how Henry and friends are doing he is doing a daily blog on his website at so have a look. Back to my blog last week regular and friend Lee Jasper was back out with a newbie to the Florida Keys Alan and what a week they had. Lee is back out again in a few weeks so maybe this week was just a dry run but they had the weather and the fish so fingers crossed for his next trip. Sometimes I wonder if I am running fishing holidays or is it a wish list supermarket but guests keep asking so I just tick the boxes. Top of Lees list was a big tarpon to the boat as nearly all his friends had had one so off we went. Tarpon cause more heartache and grief than most fish but when it goes right more smiles than most.

This fish was only 112lb but lead us on a merry dance for over 1 hr and talk about close to the concrete bridge, inches and tide run and in the dark, and going backwards. All in a days work but it was worth it a few heart stopping moments when a shark took a run at Lees fish but it stayed on. Tarpon I think are top of the game list for most people they do it all run, jump go big and look the part but think of us poor skips we have to go through the mill as well. But when it all goes right it is worth it Lee just smiled all day he just did so well, top marks.