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More PB’S

Hope your all keeping up with Henry Gilbeys blog talk about the Florida Keys being on fire and at last managed to get a dorado for Henry and not trolling. Back to last week and Lee Jaspers fishing holiday, Lee has been very lucky in the Florida Keys and some amazing PB’S with us and holds the boat big fish PB at over 1000lb yes 1000lb what a fight over 2hrs and talk about pain. That fight with that hammerhead shark in just 10ft of water so surreal it seems like a dream but it did happen. Lee in my opinion is the complete angler and has just as much pleasure in catching small fish as all those monsters and will match the catch with the hatch. I have said in the past and will say again I think if you lose the enjoyment of catching small fish you are losing a large part of the joy of fishing. I still remember the smile on Paul Youngs face as he was catching perch on a canal in Scotland on TV and that man has caught big fish all over the world.

Last week Lee had these two fish a trout and a cero mackerel not monsters but PB’S for Lee and just look at the smiles. Both fish on the right tackle put up hard scraps and make the complete fishing experience here. If you like eating fish these two are right up there with the best, cero also are top sushi fish and are as good as tuna we always carry the sushi kit and many more anglers now are will to try sushi, cant wait to try it on are mackerel back in the UK this summer.