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Permit or Pompano

Last week during Lee’s fishing holiday his friend Alan had a fine popano on a shallow gulf wreck and the next day Lee had a good permit on a deep water wreck in the Atlantic so its interesting to compare the two similar fish.The pompano has a forehead that slopes back gently, the tail fin is more upright and a shorter anal fin. The permit has a humped forehead, narrower tail fin and a longer sloped back anal fin. It is very easy to see how they get mistaken, both now have the same take size limits not less than 11in or more than 20in and a bag limit of no more than 6. Not that any one would want to keep permit but pompano are top table fare with white very firm meat and in the surf can be found in big numbers.

Size they are very different permit going to over 50lb Florida record 56lb, we have been very lucky and our PB was a stunning 48lb, that taken on the wreck Henry is having so much fun on. Pompano a lot smaller common at 2lb can grow to 8lb Florida record 8lb 4oz so Alan had a good one forgot to weigh it. So many people think they have smashed the pompano record only to find they have only caught a small permit. Back to Henrys wreck the difference this year is no sharks why I don’t know why normally the permit are hounded by shark but not this year long may it continue.