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If there is one fish that light up people on fishing holidays in the Florida keys or locals on a charter or just out on there own it is the cobia.

   These hard fighting fish tick all the boxes for most people, long hard runs and can fight deep with great stamina. They also have a little trick of saving something for the fight in the boat and with a very impressive sett of dorsal spines can be a handful to say the least. Size wise common from 20 to 5olb and sometimes up to 80lb Florida record 130. Table fare right up there with the best smoked or fresh all are guests when they take fillets to the local restaurants are more than happy. We catch them everywhere from the shallow gulf wrecks to the edge of the reef to swimming free in the deep blue. They aslo like to swim with a big host from manta ray to big shark and if we ever see a big host have the cobia rod ready to pitch a bait. If hungry they will take anything Henry had a nice one last week on a soft plastic on the bottom, and Lee and Alan had two nearly identical ones one the same wreck a week before.