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The Gilbey effect

One of the fringe benefits of running fishing holidays in the Florida Keys has been meeting new friends. I have know Henry for many years now and I have yet to meet a guy with more passion for his work. Considering he is a self taught photographer he is in my opinion right up there at the top of his profession. I am NOT a photographer but every time Henry come I try to look at my camera work. My main job is to guide people to get the fish of there dreams even in the Florida Keys some days this can be hard. My main challenge is weather I always tell guests that on a calm day I have 100s of marks and as the wind gets up this number decrease but we are so lucky in the Keys never to miss a day. We have found fish over 100lbs deep in the mangroves on days when any where in the open seas not on. It was on a flat calm day come back from the Atlantic that the Gilbey effect kicked in looking back I thought this would make a good pic see what you think.