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If a beer company did a sea food festival

It might pick a tropical island for a venue. It would have a constant supply of local lobster, crab, clam and fish for sale. Drinks for all tastes to wash it all down. Live music and a large play area to keep the children happy. Fill a huge area with stands selling  a vast variety of goods from fishing tackle to local art. Organise a nearly clear blue sky and the temp just right at low 80s. Well this all happens every year on our island Marathon in the Florida Keys.

This event has been going on for many years now and is just getting bigger each year and this year saw over 24000 people attend. This year I was lucky enough to be on my local tackle shops stand Big Time Bait and Tackle promoting the new range of Snowbees US range of rods. These rods developed on the UK deep blue rods are going down a storm and their sponsored boat is still top of its class and leading the pro tour in the king mackerel championship, check out the website and team bandit.

The local art was amazing we had a local artist displaying a huge wooden fish at our stand fancy this beauty in your garden. The Florida Keys attract artist from all round the world as someone said sun, sea and wine get the creative juices flowing. Next year this event will be even bigger if you are in the Keys during the event you must put it on your do list.