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Room for two

Looking for two anglers to make up a party at prime permit and tarpon season. Two guys had to drop out so a fantastic opportunity for two guys to fish. I know it can be hard to find four to fish and it not often I can place just two. The dates are 4th May to the 10th and this is the only time I have left in 2012 so as they say when its gone its gone and 2013 is a long time away.

What makes this a very special time is the permit spawn. During a very few short weeks the permit leave the flats and go offshore to spawn over the wrecks sometimes the shoals can be over 200 fish. They form a slow swimming cone above the wrecks then take turns to spawn still swimming to mix the eggs and melts. Diver friends who have seen it say its just amazing. During this time they still feed and take crabs and with hundreds of feet of water in all directions will pull your sting like you cant imagine. Our biggest during the spawn was 48lb a true fish of a lifetime this was taken on the surface from a school of 6 fish and was the smallest god knows what the big ones weighed.

Also its the height of the tarpon season so 100lb fish each morning if you want but be warned tarpon fever is a very hard illness to get over and lasts a lifetime. It won’t just be about permit and tarpon the Florida Keys as Henry Gilbey said are just crawling with fish, shark, dorado, grouper, mackerels, snappers, tuna just to name a few from 1lb to 1000lbs. This fishing holiday normally does what it says on the tin and more just come and fish the dream.